Thank You

I started selling my Gloves at the Designer Markets every  Saturday and Sunday in Manhattan or Brooklyn. It was fun I meet a lot of beautiful people with some of them I am still friends with.  Everyone who bought my Gloves had to pose for a picture  with there new LamiaDesign Gloves. Can you Imagine how many pictures I have?  -:)

Maybe some people will recognize themself….


Fingerless leather Gloves

There are days when you really do not want to put in much work into your outfit. On these days, we are looking for a quick fix that will transform our look in the blink of an eye. Spice up your rather simple look with a pair of your favorite LamiaDesign fingerless gloves. Even if you are sporting a simple tee or a plaid shirt with jeans and converse, throw on a pair of black fingerless gloves to add a hint of spunk and texture to your look.


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